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Howe Sound

With a great marine trail network and just minutes out of Vancouver, it is always special to escape to the seclusion of a kayaking trip in Howe Sound.

Paddling north up Howe Sound on a gloomy spring day. May, 2020

Aside from the much smaller Indian Arm, Howe Sound is British Columbia’s southernmost inlet and the closest to Vancouver City. The east side of the Sound is home to the world famous “Sea to Sky” drive to Squamish and Whistler, and numerous small communities dot the mountainside. Despite all this, there are still opportunities for wilderness and solitude to be found in Howe Sound, and recently whales and other marine life once eradicated from the inlet are making a return.

Howe Sound is one of the most scenic inlets on the coast, boasting the large Garibaldi volcanic complex at the head and a cluster of islands to explore at the entrance. Many of the islands are high enough to consider mountains in their own right, reaching heights of more than 900m, and are sprinkled with hiking trails. An impressive network of campsites established by The BC Marine Trail Association and numerous access points make Howe Sound the ideal area for trips of all length.

Trip Reports

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