Coastal Mountaineering

exploring BC's coastlines and mountain ranges


Click on an image below to read more about our ongoing “projects”. These include our current attempt at paddling across the top of Canada, as well long-term mountaineering and climbing objectives and cultural explorations. You will also find a page dedicated to Anthony’s favourite non-fiction adventure books – a continually growing list you can reference when you need some more inspiration.

Learn more about our ongoing attempt to paddle down the Mackenzie River and across Canada to Newfoundland. Read about the route, the gear, and some of the history of modern-day sea kayaking in the Arctic Ocean.

A continually growing collection of some of our favourite non-fiction Adventure Books. Check it out to find a good book to take on your next adventure.

Trip reports and details on peaks within Canada with 1500m of prominence or more. This is an ongoing mountaineering objective to summit all the P1500 peaks and provincial highpoints. This page is currently private as we have made very little progress on the objective and have not put time into the page.

Photographs of First Nation rock art on the BC Coast and information and resources to learn more. This page is currently private as we build it.

To read about some trips we have already done, check out our Recent Trips.

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