Coastal Mountaineering

exploring BC's coastlines and mountain ranges

Trip Log

Scroll down to read more about our first year in the Arctic. Click on the image below to see our route so far, including all the places we camped, wrong turns we took, and peaks we hiked!

total distance travelled: 2456 km

days without seeing another person: 25

polar bears seen: 2

communities visited: 12

total nights in tent: 75

peaks climbed: 8

times we’ve bear sprayed ourselves: 1

next community: 650 km (Kugluktuk)

Trip Journals

The Hard Stats

Click the link below for more detailed statistics from the first year of our trip. It’s pretty riveting stuff: including total days paddled, time on the water, daily averages, and lots more!

An exert from our Daily Mileage notebook, including sea state and wind

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