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A list of all our summits, sorted alphabetically with links to relevant trip reports.

Descending high quality rock on The Shark’s Fin, Garibaldi Park. This route wouldn’t go, but I had a crack at the ridge on the right and managed to reach the crumbling summit in one piece. May, 2016

This is a comprehensive list of all summits reached by Anthony (with Lindsay in the majority of cases). It is sorted alphabetically for convenience, but just to frustrate you, not all summits have trip reports.

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. A .

Academy Peak . [Trip Report]

Addenbroke, Mount . [Trip Report]

Alouette Mountain . [Trip Report]

Alpen Mountain

Alpha Mountain

Alvernia, Mount (Como Hill) (The Bahamas) . [Trip Report]

Anemone Peak

Anif Peak

Arrowhead Mountain

Arthur, Mount (Wharepapa) (New Zealand)

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. B .

Bacardi Peak

Balloon Hill (New Zealand)

Barstool Peak

Baryon Peak

Beautiful, Mount

Beaujolais Peak . [Trip Report]

Beauty Peak (West Crown)

Bedpost (Sootheran) Peak

Begbie, Mount

Ben Avon . [Trip Report]

Ben Lui . [Trip Report]

Ben Vorlich . [Trip Report]

Benson, Mount (New Zealand)

Bhima Peak

Bird Peak

Black Mountain

Black Tusk (Nq’il’qtens Ku Skenknap), The

Bojo Mountain

Boo Boo Hill (The Bahamas) . [Trip Report]

Bowman, Mount

Boxcar, The

Brandywine Mountain . [Trip Report]

Brew, Mount

Brockton Point

Brohm Peak . [Trip Report] . [Trip Report]

Bronco Peak

Browntop Mountain (HP)

Browntop Mountain Official

Brunswick Mountain

Burwell, Mount

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. C .

Callaghan, Mount . [Trip Report]

Cascade Mountain (Stoney Chief)

Cassiope Peak

Castle Mountain – North Summit

Castle Towers Mountain (Central Summit) . [Trip Report]

Cheam, Mount

Cheekye Butte

Chestnut Peak (Pinecone Lake Peak)

Chuwanten Mountain

Cinder Cone

Clinker Peak . [Trip Report]

Cloudburst Mountain . [Trip Report]

Coburg Peak (Peak 5400)

Cognac Peak . [Trip Report]

Coliseum Mountain

Columnar Peak

Consolation Dome . [Trip Report]

Cook, Mount

Coquihalla Mountain

Corrie Peak (Corrie Ridge)

Cougar Mountain

Crawford Peak [Trip Report]

Crown Mountain

Crumpit, Mount

Curate Peak

Cypress Peak

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. D .

Dam Mountain

Daniel, Mount (Pender)

Darkside Peak (Steep Peak)

David Peak

De Pencier Bluff

Deception Peak . [Trip Report]

Deeks Peak

Delusion Mountain . [Trip Report]

Demon Ridge

Deroche Mountain

Deroche NW1

Diamond Head

Diez Vistas Ridge

Dinkey Peak

Dog Mountain

Douglas, Mount

Dreadnought Peak . [Trip Report]

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Dreadnought Peak. April, 2015

. E .

East Nai

Eastpoint Peak

Edith North Peak, Mount

Elsay, Mount

Empetrum Peak

Enchantment Peak

Epiphone Peak

Erskine, Mount

Evans Peak

Evans, Mount (New Zealand)

Evening Peak

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. F .

Fantasia Peak

Fender Peak

Fissile Peak

Flatiron, The

Ford Mountain

Forefinger, The . [Trip Report]

Fromme, Mount

Frost Fiend, The

Fuscian Peak

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. G .

Gargoyles, The . [Trip Report]

Garibaldi, Mount . [Trip Report]

Gentian Peak . [Trip Report]

Geoffrey, Mount

Gibbs Hill (New Zealand)

Gibbs, Mount (New Zealand)

Gibson Peak [Trip Report]

Gillespie, Mount . [Trip Report]

Gin Peak

Glacier Pikes . [Trip Report]

Goat Mountain

Goat Peak . [Trip Report]

Goat Ridge

Goetz Peak . [Trip Report]

Golden Ears

Goose Peak

Gordon’s Pyramid (New Zealand)

Gotha Peak

Gott Peak

Grand Marnier Peak . [Trip Report]

Grassy Mountain

Grouse Mountain

Guanaco Peak

Guard Mountain . [Trip Report]

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. H .

Hanover, Mount

Hanuman Peak

Harvey, Mount . [Trip Report]

Hat Mountain

Heapus Peak

Helena Peak – Helena Ridge North Summit

Helm Peak

Henning, Mount

Higgs, Mount (Lepton S2)

Hippo Peak

Holdover Peak

Hollyburn Mountain

Hops Peak

Hynes Peak

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. I .

Illal Mountain

Iron Hill (NZ)

Iron, Mount (NZ)

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. J .

James Peak

Jenna Peak

Jim Kelly Peak

Juliet Peak

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. K .

Kakapo Peak (New Zealand)

Keg Peak

Kelly, Mount

Kerr (Big Kerr), Mount

Kerr (False), Mount

Knuckle Hill (New Zealand)

Kvitnesfjellet (Goahtu) (Norway)

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. L .

Lakeview Mountain

Leading Peak

Lepon Mountain

Little Goat Mountain

Little Horn Mountain

Lou, Mount . [Trip Report]

Luxmore, Mount (New Zealand) . [Trip Report]

Lynn Peak

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Lindsay descending from Helm Peak, Garibaldi Park. October, 2018
Helm Peak. October, 2018

. M .

Malt Peak

Mamquam Mountain . [Trip Report]

Manic Peak

Martin Peak [Trip Report]

Martyn, Mount . [Trip Report]

Maxwell, Mount

Meslilloet Mountain . [Trip Report]

Meslilloet NE1 . [Trip Report]

Meson Peak

Metal Dome . [Trip Report]

Middle Finger . [Trip Report]

Middle Needle

Mulligan, Mount

Muon Mountain

Musician Mountain

Musket Peak

Musket SW2

Mystery Peak

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. N .

Nak Peak . [Trip Report]

Needle Peak

Nordheim Peak

Nordheim SE1

Norquay East Peak

Norquay West Peak

North Darkside Hump (The Dome)

North Needle

November Peak

Nutt SE1

Nutt, Mount

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. O .

Obelisk Peak . [Trip Report]

Oblate Peak . [Trip Report]

Ogre Peak

Old Man (NZ)

Opal Cone

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. P .

Panorama Peak (Panorama Ridge) . [Trip Report]

Paranoid Peak [Trip Report]

Parapara Peak (New Zealand)

Parker Ridge

Parkhurst Mountain . [Trip Report]

Peak 2074 . [Trip Report]

Pender Hill

Peneplain Peak . [Trip Report]

Pineau Peak . [Trip Report]

Pinecone Peak (Peak 6500)

Polemonium Ridge . [Trip Report]

Police Peak (Peak 2095) [Trip Report]

Portia Peak

Price, Mount . [Trip Report]

Puʻu ʻUlaʻula – Haleakala

Pump Peak

Pyramid Mountain

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Delusion Peak. August, 2015

. Q .

Quiniscoe Mountain

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. R .

Rainbow Mountain [Trip Report]

Rancherie Peak . [Trip Report]

Raven Dance Peak

Read Island High Point (North Peak)

Rector Peak

Red Mountain

Reginald Hill

Ring Mountain [Trip Report]

Rohr, Mount . [Trip Report]

Ronayne, Mount

Round Mountain (Paul Ridge)

Rundle Peak 1

Runner Peak

Russell, Mount

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. S .

Saint Benedict, Mount

Sargent Peak

Saxifrage Mountain

Seed Peak . [Trip Report]

Seymour, Mount (Quadra Island)

Seymour Second Peak, Mount

Seymour, Mount

Sharkfin Ridge . [Trip Report]

Sharkfin, The . [Trip Report]

Shuksan, Mount

Sky Pilot Mountain . [Trip Report]

Sockeye Horn [Trip Report]

Sootip Peak

Sorcerer Mountain

South Lynn Peak

South Needle

Spectrum Peak

Spiral Peak

Split Peak

Sproatt, Mount

St. Mark’s Summit

Stanza Peak

Stawamus Chief

Steele, Mount

Steve, Mount

Stevens, Mount (NZ)

Stone City Mountain

Stoney Squaw Mountain

Strachan, Mount

Stuart Knob

Sugarloaf Mountain (The Strunk)

Suicide Bluff

Sulphur Mountain (Terrace Mountain) – Peak 3

Sulphur Mountain (Terrace Mountain) – Sanson Peak

Sun God Mountain

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. T .

Tabletop Mountain

Tangled Summit

Tenquille Mountain . [Trip Report]

Tent, The. [Trip Report]

Thomas Peak (Thomas false)

Tigger Peak

Tonic Peak


Tricouni W1

Tunnel Mountain (Sleeping Buffalo Mountain)

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. U .

Unnecessary Mountain (South Peak)

Unnecessary North

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. V .

Vanara Peak

Vayu, Mount

Vayuna Peak (Vayu E1)

Vicuna Peak

Viking Ridge Apex Peak . [Trip Report]

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. W .

Waingaro Peak (NZ)

Warlock Peak

Washburn Peak [Trip Report]

Watersprite Tower [Trip Report]

Weart, Mount

Webb, Mount

Wedge Mountain . [Trip Report]

West Glacier Pike . [Trip Report]

West Lion

West Nai

Wild Horse Ridge

William, Mount

Williams Peak

Windfall Peak

Windsor, Mount

Winter Peak (New Zealand)

Wishbone Peak . [Trip Report]

Wonder Mountain

Wonk Peak . [Trip Report]

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. X . Y . Z .

Xenicus Peak (New Zealand)

Yak Peak . [Trip Report]

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Summit of Mount Luxmore, Kepler Track, NZ. October, 2019
Mount Luxmore. October, 2019

Total Summits: 302

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